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Özgen Kahve

From 1958 to the present

In the 1950s, in Bursa, İhsan Sabri ÇAĞLAYANGİL and Mayor of the period, Reşat OYAL, attend a fair in KÜLTÜRPARK in İzmir and enjoy the Kültürpark they visit during the fair, they take action to do the same to Bursa.

Culture inserted into the current site services company in Bursa, it is designed according to the requirements of today's service sector and Turkey's leading casinos, tea garden and restaurant owners are invited to the city.

Recep ÖZGEN comes to Bursa upon the invitation of the city administrators to establish the Özgen Tea Garden, which he has established in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, in Kültürpark in Bursa, and shortly thereafter, he offers ÖZGEN to the service of the people of Bursa. At the beginning of the 60's, he handed over the management of Özgen Tea Garden to his old friend ABDUL FETTAH ADEMOĞLU, whom he trusts living in Bursa.

Özgen Tea Garden, which has been operated by the Ademoğlu family since 1960, was not stranger to today's service sector and the innovations of the era, and since the early 2000s, the family's 3rd generation youth took the first steps of institutionalization by developing the Özgen Kahve concept.

Traditional city club

Deciding to open branches in 2013, Özgen Coffee companies put into service 2 new branches, Özlüce and Podyumpark branches in Bursa's Nilüfer district. Özgen Kahve İşletmeleri, which has been serving the people of Bursa for half a century, has now become a tradition for the people of Bursa and has become a meeting point where the city's social, political and sports pulse is kept.

Efforts are underway for Özgen Kahve, one of the well-established and strong local brands of Bursa, to serve in other cities very soon, as the work on institutionalization and branching continues in 2016.